Who we are



To be a benchmark group, noted for its passion in developing and incorporating knowledge in business management.


We are a group dedicated to agro-businesses that generates a differential value through our quality products, processes and services; using knowledge, research, development and innovation.


Our people: what sets us apart

We aspire to have our people characterized by their honesty, humility, professional competence, and their work dedication. Our people possess an entrepreneurial mindset, and an attitude of service; with the necessary level of exposure, placing the value of the team above their own.

Entrepreneurial Passion

Encouraged by our history, we are driven by the passion to create, improve, and develop projects in the constant search for new challenges.

Honesty and Respect

We believe that they are essential values in our group as they are in our family; always acting with the truth, ensuring maximum coherence between what we think, say and do. With honesty and ethics, we seek to establish fair and transparent relationships, respecting the rules of public and private order.

Leadership Style

Basing ourselves on knowledge, responsibility, commitment and serving as examples, our leaders lead by inspiring, motivating and being an example of the purposes and values, we pursue.

Business sustainability

We believe that our business management always combines economic success with social and environmental responsibility. Profitability and efficiency are essential for us in order to ensure the long term of the group, satisfy the interests and needs of the people who make it up, and carry out investment and job creation responsibilities.


From the order and neatness of our workspace, to the search for the maximum performance of our products, processes and services, we are convinced that attention to detail is a hallmark of our management quality.