Our very own research centres have ample and sustained experience in the field of genetics. Paired with our vision, our research centres have gained widespread recognition from prestigious universities and institutions, both locally and internationally.

In 1985, by implementing genetic enhancements to forage species, we set out to revolutionise traditional grass production at the time.

In line with this, we take pride in our very own two Research and Experimental Development centres, located in the district of Pergamino, Buenos Aires, and in the district of Colonia, Uruguay. Our activities are further complemented by close ties and strategic alliances with the most advanced institutions and universities in the regional and international spheres, in a joint effort to develop new species as demanded by producers.

Our controlled seed production operations extend over 20,000 annual ha, which means guaranteed stability in supply levels and compliance with the highest quality standards.

Additionally, we devote our best efforts to developing a field model network by means of generating increasingly appropriate productive protocols that will allow livestock farmers to see the benefits of our pastures along their productive process.

Our multiple activities have helped outline and launch the programme known as “Farmer School” (“Escuela de Pastores“, in Spanish), aimed at training farmers and their employees on efficient pasture management for their cattle.

With a view to reaching as many farmers as possible, Gentos boasts an extensive distributor network throughout Argentina.

Our work has received multiple awards and accolades from a vast array of organisations, including Fundación ExportAr and Fundación Invertir. Among other highlights, we have also been honoured with the award for Farming Excellence granted by La Nación-Banco Galicia.


Our company features two full silo plants with storage capacity of up to 17,500 tons of grains or seeds, and over 5,000-ton capacity for classification and drying purposes.

Our seed processing plant, in Balcarce, is responsible for cleaning, classifying and packaging our production following the highest quality standards required by not only the domestic market but also the foreign one. The activities conducted at our state-of-the-art pelletising plant include the application of special adhesive treatments, insecticide and fungicide formulas, and specific inoculants to our seeds in order to make the seeding process smoother and protect the seeds from adverse conditions.