Who we are

Our History



Our story begins in the year 2000, when we purchased a lot in the south-western area of Buenos Aires province. At the time, water would typically flood the field, hindering its use for productive purposes. This situation prompted us to look for technological alternatives to start taking full advantage of the land.

Relying on a combination of diversified, professional, human assets, we began implementing innovative practices and developments in the area. Shortly afterwards, we began investing in key equipment, an endeavour that quickly translated into excellent yields.

This, in turn, gave us the opportunity to gain valuable experience in land transformation.

As from this moment, we have been applying our philosophy to new plots of land, which have evolved into excellent fields for a variety of purposes, such as forage seed production and full livestock cycles, including intensive grazing systems and traditional agricultural practices. Today, we cover more than 15,000 ha across the south-east area of the province of Buenos Aires.


Ever ready for new challenges, we ventured into growing a different type of vineyard in an altogether different place—a new, previously unexplored site for winemaking purposes: the hills of Balcarce, in the province of Buenos Aires.

This is how Puerta del Abra came to exist. Nowadays, the vineyard extends across 11 ha and is home to eight grape varieties, both for reds and whites. With a strong foundation on biodynamic agricultural practices, our goal is to obtain wines that will set themselves apart because of their unique terroir expression.


The year was 2014 and we set our eyes on a new business unit that would focus entirely on high-quality fruit production and trade.

After conducting plenty of painstaking research in the area, we decided to focus our efforts on the province of Corrientes, where we purchased 200 ha in the district of Gobernador Virasoro. La Providencia means we can produce counter-seasonal, fresh blueberries and supply the most demanding foreign markets in the northern hemisphere with our produce.


In a move towards strategic integration as a means towards expansion process in the region, we acquired Gentos, the leading company in seed forage production and marketing operations in Argentina and Uruguay.

This undertaking meant we could now broaden our knowledge and expertise in the area by incorporating a large volume of human capital and performing operations on the basis of a solid, cutting-edge R+D department in the forage industry.