Growing in a 60-hectare greenhouse complex, our 480,000 blueberry plants are the key assets we need to conduct export operations in the most demanding markets abroad.

In 2014, Grupo La Gloriosa acquired a field located in the district of Gobernador Virasoro, in the province of Corrientes. Our goal was to produce counter-seasonal, high-quality, fresh blueberries and supply the main international markets with our produce. Having set our eyes on innovation, we are confident this project truly stands out from the rest.



Our location means we can get a head start as well as an early presence in the southern hemisphere. Our production peak starts between late September and early October and, as such, we are able to capture the main international buyers by means of unique produce that stands out not only for its taste but also for its quality.


Located within our premises, our very own packaging plant constitutes a key factor when ensuring fruit quality. The plant is home to all quality controls required by customers abroad. Additionally, we conduct traceability operations on our fruit as per packaging date, variety and the plot of land where harvest took place.


In order to obtain higher yield per hectare as well as increased quality and fruit size, La Providencia’s high-yield blueberry plantations follow the latest trend set by modern crops.


The field houses a 150,000,000-litre reservoir of natural water, which supplies water to the entire blueberry crops by means of lateral double-drip irrigation along every waru waru (raised bed with irrigation channels).


A 60-hectare greenhouse complex for blueberry production, our establishment’s system guarantees the crop will be well tended to along every step of the way, from its flower-bud stage up to the very end of harvest. Our establishment structure has been designed to protect the berries from rainfall, hail and frosting, among other natural phenomena.


The soil in the area is characterised by its acidity levels and, like any other soil in the Argentinian Mesopotamia, it is typically red. In order to obtain a type similar to “potting soil”, and one especially customised for the needs of our crop, it has been added 1,500 m3 of pine bark per hectare.


Every step of our production process is painstakingly supervised by a technical team that specialise in plant nutrition and health and boast ample experience in growing high-yield blueberries.


Our selection includes plants of the best origin in Argentina, with modern and tested varieties that will ensure flavour, yield, good size and firmness. Our production comprises eleven varieties, including Emerald, San Joaquín, Farthing, Kestrel and early varieties such as Snowchaser and Spring High.

Combining all of these factors offers outstanding quality to our produce, which, in turn, means we can confidently meet very high market demands both domestically and internationally.